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How many students attend LPA?
The South Campus has approximately 550 students, and caps each classroom size at 27. The North Campus has approximately 550 students in grades 5-9.

If one of my children is drawn in the lottery, will all my children be accepted?

The sibling preference assures that siblings will be given priority in the applicant pool. Due to varying demand among grade levels, it is possible there will be times that not all children of a family will be concurrently enrolled.

What are my commitments as a parent if my child is attending Legacy Preparatory Academy?

Parents will commit to support LPA in the pursuit of fulfilling it's mission to build the foundation of knowledge and critical thinking skills necessary for children to become independent learners for life by supporting the following efforts:



  • Make certain my child attends school regularly and on time with the benefit of enough rest and a good healthy breakfast.
  • Attend Parent Teacher Conferences, monitor my child’s grades on OnePoint, and communicate with my child’s teacher to ensure his/her academic success.
  • Look through my child’s docket or planner each night, assisting him/her with organization, and positively discussing his/ her homework.
  • Provide an environment in the home that enables my child to engage in scholarly pursuits on a daily basis by setting up a specific time in a quiet place with necessary tools and assistance to study and by being an example of a life-long learner.
  • Encourage positive attitudes toward school by speaking with good purpose about school.
  • Support the school and staff in maintaining proper discipline.
  • Willingly volunteer in my child’s classroom and/or school activities as LPA expects every family to provide 40 hours (20 hours for single-parent families) of volunteer service to the school each year and parents are responsible for logging their hours in the school online database.
  • Ensure your child is in DAILY COMPLIANCE with the school uniform policy.
  • LPA does not provide transportation to and from school and that parents are responsible to drop off and pick up your child each school day within the specified time frame published in the school handbook.
  • Parents will provide lunch for their child on a daily basis.
  • LPA strives for 96% attendance. Parents will commit to minimize their students' tardies and absences.
  • Promote the vision of LPA by using positive communication, courtesy and respect when interacting with the staff, students, parents and anyone else in the school community.
  • The school will utilize, to the extent possible, email and the internet as the sole means of communicating with parents and students.
What third party vendors does LPA utitlize?
This list includes, but is not limited to:
Mastery Connect
Utah Compose
One Point
Typing Web
Read Naturally
Track My Progress : Track My Progress is a formative online assessment that quickly and easily provides Elementary and Junior High teachers with the information they need to guide their students’ learning.  LPA students will take tests in Reading, Language and Math three times a year.  Each test will only last about 20 minutes.  These tests help determine students’ academic learning levels and will be used in designing instruction. 
Student progress data is available as soon as they complete their test.  The data from Track My Progress supports teachers in their efforts to provide differentiated instruction.  Teachers may use the data to quickly form instructional groups and adjust instruction to address identified areas of needed support.  Track My Progress also allows administrators to work with teachers in identifying at-risk students and determining the type, intensity, and duration of interventions