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Mission Statement
Legacy Preparatory Academy builds the foundation of knowledge and critical thinking skills necessary for children to become independent learners for life.

Our mission is to:
• Provide a classically-based curriculum that is thorough and challenging
• Integrate fine arts to enhance learning
• Teach the value of public virtue to promote respect
• Engage parents as real partners to share in enriching student education
• Honor each child as an individual and foster their innate curiosity and desire to learn


Classical Education Philosophy
Education gives children the opportunity to learn from great minds of the past (e.g. Aristotle, Thomas Jefferson, Galileo, and others).   The gift of education allows students to create a better future for themselves and the world they live in.

Quality education should embrace and magnify a child’s innate curiosity to learn.  LPA will strive to provide a strong foundation of knowledge and learning skills to support the educational path a student may choose to pursue.  Classical education constructs this foundation by giving priority to mastery of mathematics and language arts.  Emphasizing fine arts will strengthen the learning process and develop a creative and reasoning mind.

Parental involvement is crucial to a child’s academic success. LPA will do all in its power to encourage meaningful parental participation. Collaboration among the student, parent, and educator is also  essential. . School hours, methods of communication, and homework schedules are designed to recognize the importance of family time and support.

Character education is imperative to the creation of a responsible and contributing member of society. LPA’s educational environment will support the development of positive character traits such as respect, integrity, and hard work.  The fusion of intellect and character will enable the student to become a productive, conscientious citizen.


Classical Education Model
Student academic achievement is the primary goal of Legacy Preparatory Academy. We believe that when students are fluent in the basic foundational knowledge of the major disciplines they can move on to effectively express their knowledge and master higher-level skills. Therefore, foundation of our instruction will focus on mastery of fundamentals. 

We define mastery as the ability to demonstrate knowledge and skills repeatedly and accurately.  This requires repeated instruction in the subject matter, increasing degree of challenge and considerable practice.   As our students master the fundamentals, our instruction will focus on sequential building of conceptual knowledge and promoting independent expression of knowledge.  Finally, our instruction will focus on individual internalization of conceptual knowledge, expressed in extensive written work and verbal presentation, preparing our students for advanced study at the college level.

These levels of instruction and knowledge attainment follow the classical education model of the Trivium – grammar, logic and rhetoric.  Legacy Preparatory Academy respects this well-founded, proven educational model and uses it in selecting and implementing the school’s curriculum.

Our academic policies support our academic mission and philosophy.

An important and vital component of academic achievement is that of organization of student work.  LPA students will be given tools and training that will assist them in becoming independent students and in organizing their school work, thus maximizing the potential for them to succeed. 

Diligence, Unity, Equanimity, Stewardship

Desired Results for Student Learning
I. Students will demonstrate a broad foundation of knowledge and academic skills to become independent learners for life.
II. Students will exhibit respect for self and others by demonstrating excellence in commitment, balance, responsibility, and integrity.
III. Students will be capable of using oral, written, artistic, mathematical and technological forms of communication to express original ideas and solutions.

School Guidelines
Legacy Lions Live About the Line by Showing Respect for All and Striving for Excellence


8 Keys of Excellence


  • Integrity – To align our actions with our values. A person of Integrity consistently follows a strict code of personal values in a way that demonstrates moral excellence.
  • Failure Leads to Success – To see failures as feedback. We can learn from mistakes and make the changes needed to be more successful in the future.
  • Speak with Good Purpose – To be positive with our language. When there is a problem, avoid gossip by communicating with the person directly involved.
  • This is It! – To focus our attention on the present moment. Make whatever we are doing at any given time the most important.
  • Commitment – To do what we set out to do. When we live a life of commitment, we have the discipline to follow through with our commitments to others and to ourselves, even when it is challenging.
  • Ownership – To take responsibility for our thoughts, feelings, word and actions. Ownership is knowing that we can’t always control what happens, but we can control how we respond.
  • Flexibility – To change our actions to get the desired outcome. Flexibility allows us multiple ways to get the result.
  • Balance – To make the choices in our life that provide lasting fulfillment. Inner happiness comes from making choices that fill up our body, mind and spirit.

LPA invites all members of the LPA community to assist in promoting and supporting the school’s mission. Each program at LPA is regularly evaluated in light of LPA’s Mission Statement, DRSLs, and School Guidelines. Feedback and input are always welcome as we work to refine our programs to better reflect our mission.