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Uniforms improve the classroom learning environment by:

  • helping students concentrate on their school work by setting a tone for serious study
  • removing distractions created by socioeconomic differences and modern fashion
  • instilling students with discipline and self-respect

Uniforms build citizenship and a sense of community by:

  • building self esteem, self respect, and school spirit among students by creating the distinction of being part of a group
  • maintaining a healthy and positive school image in the community by a clean and neat appearance
  • providing a visible and public symbol of commitment to school improvement and reform

Uniforms create a safe learning environment by:

  • helping school officials recognize intruders who come to the school,
  • eliminating the possibility of wearing gang-related or other potentially disruptive clothing.






Please note that "Legacy Plaid" may have different names with various merchants and pictures of "Legacy Plaid" at companies vary.  To ensure purchasing the correct plaid, please look for the following names: Dennis Uniform=Belair Plaid; French Toast=Green Plaid; Hall Closet=#55; Landsend=Hunter/Classic Navy Plaid.

Uniform Availability No specific manufacturer or vendor for clothing is required, but uniform clothing must match the colors and styles of LPA’s uniform chart.  Items meeting the descriptions may be found at many local outlets, such as Academy Attire, Burlington Coat Factory, Dennis Uniform, Target, The Children’s Place, etc. Items may also be found online at websites such as dennisuniform.com, frenchtoast.com, hallclosetuniforms.com, jcpenney.com, landsend.com, target.com, thechildrenswearoutlet.com and others.