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District Staff

Nyman Brooks - Executive Director

Nyman has been a professional educator for a quarter of a century and a school administrator for over a decade.

He completed bachelor degrees with honors from the University of Utah in both history and economics, minoring in Mandarin Chinese. He studied international diplomacy for two years at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts and Harvard Universities. That led to a career with the Central Intelligence Agency. Family responsibilities brought him back to Utah. While teaching economics at Weber State University, he discovered his love of the classroom and earned his teaching credentials. He completed a master degree in educational leadership and policy at the University of Utah.

He has taught every grade from elementary school 6th Grade through college. He has been a teacher or administrator in public and public charter schools; parochial and private schools; international and independent schools. His most meaningful fulfilling teaching role has been that of father of two children, both of whom are now on the threshold of adulthood.



Patty Romander - District Office Manager  

In 2007 I began my journey at Legacy Preparatory Academy.  They said they wanted someone who was commited & nice.  Although I did bring some smarts to the table, patience and kindness is the key for the front office.  

I have enjoyed every moment of this job, meeting and getting to know all the students, their parents to grandparents.  We truly have the most incredible parents who continually give their time and money to help make this school the best it can be, along with all the great staff.  I'm just happy to be in such good company.

I spend most off time with my beautiful, wonderful family.  I take care of my mother and all the "honey do's" that go along with taking care of a parent.  I love spending time with my grandchildren and listening to how smart they are.  I love to yard sale and recreate old things into something new and fun.  Everyone knows not to disturb me until after I watch my Young and the Restless which I tape everyday!


Shalon Brierley - Special Education Director



Venette G. Thompson - Records Manager 


My sister Ms. Shawnae Aiu is a founder and since the time my son was born in 2008 I have wanted him to attend LPA. In June 2011 we moved from Southern California, I had been a Law Enforcement dispatcher for almost 9 years and was ready for a change, So when LPA started hiring, I applied with the hopes of a new fun career and a spot for my  son, both hopes were fulfilled. On Oct 22, 2012  I started as the lunch coordinator/front desk Secretary for the South Campus. In August 2013 my son started Kindergarten and a few weeks later I was promoted to records manager. I love working with such a great team for such a great school. GO LIONS!!