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Legacy Preparatory Academy

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Legacy Preparatory Academy: School Community Council Candidate

Hello friends,
Over my thirteen years as a school administrator, I have never worked with a more intelligent, rational, engaged, and productive group of parents and teachers serving on a School Community Council than these listed below! Never have I worked with an SCC that has brought so much tangible improvement to the scholarly lives of their children.  
  • Louisa Walker
  • Melanie Mortensen
  • Maren Hilbig
  • Jill Poulsen
  • Marly Ferrin
  • Greg Mortensen
  • Jennifer Townsend
  • Tina Huber
  • Angela Bothwell
  • Paul Murphy
  • Chris Jacobs 
Though I am very pleased with the work and improvements our SCC has brought to our school, I am also very sad that their two-year terms are up. Most are not reapplying for a second term. That is a loss to Legacy and an opportunity for you.
The SCC is an extremely important committee. It is mandated by the State of Utah, and its main responsibility is to recommend how we should prioritize and spend roughly a quarter of a million dollars in state and federal funds. Last year, over $100,000.00 of that total came from a single source -- The School LAND Trust
Over the past two years, our SCC has earmarked tens-of-thousands of dollars for: 
  • purchasing several mobile computer labs on both campuses,
  • improving our reading, math and science curricula and equipment on both campuses, 
  • providing teachers with targeted professional development, and
  • supporting programs for our most vulnerable at-risk Legacy children.
Whether you are an employee or a parent, the SCC is one of  the most direct ways you can have a voice and influence on our kids' experience at Legacy.
  • I have also attached a form with which you may express your interest in serving.
Again, the term of service is for two years. 
Whether you are a parent or an employee, if you are interested, please fill out the attached form and return it to the front desk at either North or South Campus or hand it to me personally, or fill it out and scan it to me by 4:00 PMTuesday, 19 September 2017.
The size of the SCC can vary depending on parent and employee interest. According to State rules, the school directormust serve and the number of parents serving must exceed the number of employees by 2. 
So, here are three example scenarios:
1) If 20 employees apply, but only 5 parents apply, I will organize the SCC so that all 5 parents are on the council without going through an election. However, we would need to hold an election for the employees, taking the top 2 employee candidates, plus 1 school director. In that case, the SCC will consist of 8 people -- 5 parents and 3 employees. 
2) If the exact opposite is the case; if 20 parents apply, but only 5 employees apply; then I will compose the SCC of all 5 employees, plus 1 school director. We will have an election for the parents, and I will take the top 8 parents. In that case, we will have an SCC of 14 -- 8 parents and 6 employees. 
3) If only 2 parents apply, then we may have to forego the SCC entirely this year. In that case, our Board of Directors or a committee appointed by the Board will need to do the work of the SCC, which I believe would be an unfortunate missed opportunity -- number of parents must exceed the number of employees by 2.
4) I'm not sure what I will do if we have very large number of both parents and employees apply. On one hand, a very large SCC could be unwieldy. On the other hand, a very large SCC could allow us to divide up into committees and get more work done. It will depend on the actual numbers that apply and the proportion of applications from employees vs parents.  I'll make that judgment call if need arises. 
In any case, I will let everyone know on Wednesday, 20 September what the situation is. If there needs to be a simple election for parents, for employees, or for both, I'll let everyone know how that will work, and. that election will take place ten school days later on Wednesday, 4 October 2017. 
Warmest regards,
Nyman Brooks
Executive Director
Legacy Preparatory Academy