LPA UPDATE Re: Governor Herbert's State of Emergency

On November 8th, Governor Herbert addressed the state through local TV stations and this afternoon, November 9th, he and our State Epidemiologist, Angela Dunn, held a press conference regarding the new restrictions.
Most questions at the press conference were focused on the Governor's postponement of extra-curricular activities until November 23rd. 
As of today, November 9th, Legacy Preparatory Academy will be postponing athletic games, try-outs, practices, the school musical "The Wizard of Oz" final rehearsals and performances, "Aladdin" practices, the ballroom's recital, any team practice on Friday in the gym, and other evening community events until November 23, 2020.
We will do our very best to work with our team coaches and teachers to re-schedule as many events as possible.  Legacy Prep remains committed to providing student experiences in the safest way possible.
Other questions regarding the testing of students or employees (as mentioned by the governor) are still lacking any detail.  When that detail is worked out, it will be shared.

LPA's administrative team is grateful for your patience while we go through another hiccup in the year 2020 and again encourage each of you to ask questions of LPA administration to help clarify and minimize speculation during this challenging time. 
Quick note: 
Special education interventions before and after school are not affected by the state mandate.  Special education provides extra time dedicated to meeting student specified needs. These aren't extracurricular or co-curricular activities, these are mandated interventions which are important and will continue being scheduled.