45 To Thrive Update

We are pleased that our optional after-school program, 45 to Thrive, has helped so many students. To make it even better, they no longer have to sign up!  

Just show up!  

Simply have your student go to the appropriate room on any day (or days) they wish. The teacher in charge will email you if they attend. 

Important:  To ensure the safety of your child, they must be at their 45 to Thrive location by 3 pm and stay the entire time (barring extenuating circumstances.)  Cell phones will not be permitted. 


45 to Thrive is an optional after school program to provide students with additional academic support.  Your student may work quietly or, after checking in, go see another teacher.


Jr. High:  M/T/Th/Fr

5th6th:  T/Th/Fr


Jr. High:  

M/T  Ms. Casper’s room

Th/Fr  Mr. Habuer’s room


Ms. Thompson’s room


3:00 to 3:45