Playground Announcement!

LPA Playground Map

Elementary Playground

We are thrilled to announce we will be taking our beautiful existing South Campus playground with us to our new, unified campus when school starts in August!!! Last year, when we sold the South Campus building, we were sadly obligated to part ways with the playground. When the building sold again earlier this year, we were able to negotiate the purchase of the playground back from the new owner for a reasonable price, allowing us to put additional funds and resources towards equipment and enhancements in our new and renovated buildings.  In addition, with the many manufacturing and shipping delays plaguing the country right now, a new playground would not have been expected until late November- early December 2022.  As soon as school ends in June the playground will be disassembled, moved, and re-assembled by Primary Park and Play, a commercial playground company that specializes in carefully relocating and assembling playground equipment.

 Existing Building

In addition to our beloved playground, we will also have a few more spaces for our K-9 students to enjoy at the new campus!


Peaceful Playground

The Peaceful Playgrounds Recess Kit was approved and purchased earlier this year. The recess kit is an interactive addition to our current elementary playground that will create a safe play environment, support healthy active kids, and advocate for recess and free play. Peaceful Playground’s age-appropriate games, learning activities, and playground game guides teach students a consistent set of rules, and how to resolve conflict all while encouraging safe playing behaviors.

peaceful playground

Junior High

Our new Junior High Building will also come with several spaces for the students to enjoy.  The new building will have a few outdoor activities, with basketball hoops and the adjacent soccer field. We are also excited to be able to give the students an opportunity to eat outside on good weather days, with the addition of some picnic tables.

 Proposed (2) Story

Future Playground Space

Lastly, the new building also has space for another playground should we choose to add more equipment in the future! You never know what playgrounds will evolve into in the future as we learn more about safety, interactions, and physical activity for students.


After many years of planning to unite our K-9 campuses into one location, we are excited to bring everyone together.