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How do I make payments in Aspire?

Aspire Account.
Every child attending Legacy Preparatory, should have their own Aspire account, as well as one guardian parent account.
To access your child(ren)'s Aspire account, click this link.
Step-by-Step Instructions To Access Your Child(ren)'s Aspire Account
  1. 'S Aspire account
  2. Copy or Remember the 4-6 digit number next to your child's name
  3. On the right side of the page under "FEES", click Make A Payment
  4. Here you will enter the 4-6 digit number you copied or remembered from step 2
  5. Enter the amount you would like to apply to your child's account (the maximum you can pay at one time is $500.)

Note: At the bottom of the payment/information page, you will notice the different 'processing fee rates & estimates'.  An eCheck is only $0.49.

Processing Fee Rates & Estimates:
Cards: 3% plus $0.50 ($1.50 min)
(4.5% for foreign cards)
eCheck (ACH): $0.49 $0.49