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Safe Routes Plan

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Legacy Preparatory Academy of Utah Woods Cross City Campus is located at approximately 2214 South 1250 West in Woods Cross. The Woods Cross Campus will serve around 915 students in grades K-9. 

Most students will arrive and depart in carpools or guardian vehicles. Patrons are asked to follow the schools designated Car Line Procedures to ensure student safety and the efficiency of traffic flow through the area.

Approximately 245 students live within the school’s zip code. It is estimated an average of 100 students walk or bike daily. Parents and students who decide to walk or bike to and from school assume responsibility for all risks involved. Parents who choose to allow their students to walk or bike to school are encouraged to travel these routes with their children to determine the safest route possible. Travelers should obey all traffic lights, laws, signs, and signals and cross carefully and legally to enter and exit school grounds. The pathways and sidewalks are not maintained by the school and may be inaccessible during inclement weather.

Minus the safe traveling routes outlined below, the school advises against students walking or biking to and from school, especially during heavy traffic periods on the roadway.

Note that the posted speed limit along 1250 West is 25 mph and the area is not a designated School Zone. This plan covers only the immediate area and is not exhaustive. Please contact the school directly for additional information regarding safe traveling routes.


There are no safe walking or biking paths from the residential areas south and southeast of the school.


To travel to school students should walk or bike from their residence to Mills Pathway located on 1900 S. at approximately 1320 W. or to the pathway entrance from 2050 S. and 1300 W. Then travel on the pathway until reaching the northwest corner entrance to the school grounds.


To travel to school students should walk or bike east from their residence to Mills Pathway located directly west of the school with entrances from 1350 W. at 2175 S., 2250 S., and 2350 S.  Then travel on the pathway until reaching the northwest corner entrance to the school grounds. 


To increase student safety, as well as walking and biking access to the school facilities for students residing in the neighboring residential areas, the following items are considerations the school would propose as area improvements.

  • Designate the school frontage as a School Zone with traffic calming measures, such as installing reduced speed signs and flashing lights.
  • Add an additional speed limit sign with a radar speed sign to heighten driver speed awareness.
  • Add a bike lane or bike path throughout the neighborhood.
  • Add road and sidewalk access to the neighborhood directly north.
  • Consistent snow removal and maintenance of the Woods Cross City Mills Pathway.

Please note, the school does not oversee area improvements and only local government agencies can determine which recommendations to undergo.

Safe Routes Map