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Our Legacy Paideia

LPA was founded on the core idea that a strong community and school are based on the contribution of students, parents, teachers, and administrators. From the ancient Greeks, paideia (pronounced pie - day - a) means the culture of a community where each individual is a contributing member of society.


pai·deia; pīˈdāə/; noun: paideia. 

  1. (in ancient Greece) education or upbringing.
  2. the culture of a society.
LPA provides quality education to each child and supports a moral education. As part of this education, LPA created a Paideia to shape a common culture promoting self-awareness, personal accountability, and a code of cultural conduct.
The LPA Paideia is based upon common sense principles, commitments, and acknowledgments which empower each child to learn in a safe, positive, and respectful environment. Administrators and faculty subscribe to this Paideia and recognize that an intentional culture must be fostered to inspire classical education.


I Am a Classical Student
I am curious to learn.

I Am a Citizen of my Community
I build the foundation for an abundant life by lifting others

I Am Governed by Nobility
I act with honor and integrity

I Am an Individual with Great Fortitude
I am resilient and courageous

I Am Temperate
I exhibit discipline and self-control

I Am Developing Practical Wisdom
I make good judgements

I Am Selfless in my Fight for Justice
I demand equity and promote civility