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Our Classical Education Emphasis

Classical education uses history as an organizing outline.  It demands that students use and understand words.  The two purposes of classical education are to get the child to read quickly, well, and habitually; and to fill their minds with stories of every kind.  Classical education produces literate, curious, intelligent students who have a wide range of interests and the ability to pursue them.


Our Fine Arts Emphasis


We recognize that music education and the arts, in general, are research-based methods that enhance learning and can improve a student's ability to create, think, and reason.  Our students will take general music and art classes in grades K-5.  Students in grades 5-9 will have the opportunity to pursue music, art, dance, and drama in greater depth.


Our Educator Licensing Information

Within the state of Utah, there are three types of educator licenses, these consist of Professional, Associate, and Local Educational Agency (LEA) specific licenses. LPA employees educators of all three types of licenses and a variety of educational endorsements. For more information about Utah educator licensing visit the following link: https://www.schools.utah.gov/curr/licensing. To look up an educator, use the following link: https://cactus.schools.utah.gov/PersonSearch.


LPA is a Public Charter School

  • All LPA teachers hold valid Utah Educator Licenses or equivalent as authorized by the Utah State Office of Education and are highly qualified for their teaching assignments.
  • Admission to LPA is done through a lottery system. A charter school is part of the public education system and must be open to all students without discrimination. If the number of students applying to enroll in a charter school exceeds the capacity of the school, those students are chosen at random from among the applicants. LPA student capacity is 1,200.
  • Parents are not required but are encouraged to provide 30 hours of volunteer time annually. One of the greatest differences between a charter school and a public school is the relationship between the families and the school. Our parents provide special activities, assistance in the classrooms, and extra help with school activities. Parents are the backbone of LPA.
  • The parent organization at LPA is "Builders." Just like a PTA or PTO, our Builder’s helps organize special activities for our school and advocate for our students. All parents of LPA students are members. No dues are required.
  • LPA has a dress code policy. Parents are notified of uniform requirements prior to enrollment.
Additional Information About Charter Schools:
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  2. Utah State Charter School Board
Our Vision

Legacy Preparatory Academy is committed to providing a culture where students become productive and valuable members of their communities and world.  We believe that high expectations, hard work, and enthusiasm are essential values in achieving academic excellence and good character.  The values instilled at LPA along with the research-proven curricula, give our students the confidence to achieve anything.


Our Core Values

  • Provide a classically-based curriculum that is thorough, and challenging, while honoring each child as an individual and fostering their innate curiosity and desire to learn
  • Integrate fine arts to enhance learning
  • Provide a safe environment where all interactions between students, teachers, staff, and parents are based on honesty, trust, and respect
  • Teach the value of public virtue to promote respect
  • Engage parents as real partners to share in enriching student education
School Charter
Below you will find Legacy Preparatory Academy's charter school creation document, school application, and our charter school agreement. You will also find important excerpts from the LPA Charter. To download the full LPA Charter document, please, use this link.
For LPA Charter School Creation Document, School Application, School Agreement, Seven Purposes, Comprehensive Program of Instruction Curricular Emphasis, Charter in Full, Amendment E, Second Amendment to the Charter Agreement, Monitoring Program of Instruction, and our TSSA Plan, please click HERE