Legacy Preparatory Academy's COVID-19 dashboard will include LPA’s case load numbers in our community. Our dashboard provides information on the total number of students and adults with *active, confirmed COVID-19 cases.


Continued threshold levels for schools to move into remote learning will be 30 for populations below 1,500 (30 active, confirmed COVID-19 cases at North Campus or 30 active, confirmed COVID-19 cases at South Campus).
A classroom soft closure, that results from  three cases of individuals with the virus, will only apply to our Kindergarten - 6th grades.


Should the number of *active, confirmed COVID-19 cases at either campus fall between one and five, to keep the anonymity of our staff and students, we will note it as 1 to 5 on our Dashboard.


Please be assured that if your child had been in close contact with any current cases on campus, and they were reported to our POC, you will be contacted as soon as the case is confirmed and all contact tracing procedures have been completed.  


*Active, confirmed COVID-19 cases: "The State of Utah defines School-associated cases as confirmed cases who have attended, worked in, or visited a K-12 school in-person for more than 15 minutes while symptomatic or within14 days of their symptom onset. This definition captures cases that were at a school during their exposure period and were potentially exposed at the school. It does not necessarily mean the individual contracted COVID-19 from being exposed to the virus while at school. School-associated cases are identified through interviews with cases by the local health departments. This figure does not include those in our school community who are healthy but are nonetheless in quarantine as a precautionary measure."