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Uniforms and Dress Code

Where do I buy school uniforms?

Legacy Preparatory Academy's school plaid is called: GREEN PLAID.
French Toast is one of the nation's top school uniform companies, we are proud to be one of their school partners. They have created a specific uniform page for LPA. It shows you exactly what our students can and cannot wear to school.
CLICK HERE  for the French Toast website. (It may take a minute to load). Legacy Prep does not make any money from the purchases made from French Toast, however, we are very grateful they provide such an excellent product for our community.

Other School Uniform Companies:
Click the company names below for their uniform options.

The appropriate colors for LPA uniforms are the LPA plaid, red, navy, light blue, and white. Colors do not include variations of shades/hues. For instance, red does not include burgundy; navy does not include royal blue; light blue does not include periwinkle or turquoise, and white does not include off-white. 
Please note that Legacy Plaid is called by different names with different companies. The pictures of the Legacy Plaid at different companies will vary. To ensure purchasing the correct plaid, please follow the identification information provided below:
  • French Toast: Green Plaid 
  • Dennis Uniform: Belair Plaid
  • Hall Closet: #55
  • Landsend.com: Hunter/Classic Navy Plaid

Children's Place (for smaller teens and tweens)
This is a great way to shop for "gently used" school uniforms.
Please feel free to supply your child with one full outfit per dress day and casual day, if we have your children's sizes in stock. 
Order your Tu-F sweatshirts and W T-shirts on this link - https://www.customink.com/g/gjx0-00cm-ubwj
School purchased Jackets and Sweaters may be worn M-F. At this time -school jackets and sweaters are not being ordered. We apologize for the inconvenience.
School purchased Sweatshirts may be worn Tu-F.  
School purchased spirit wear shirts may be worn W.
If purchasing a jacket, sweater, or sweatshirt from a different vendor, please note, that RED, WHITE, or NAVY are our approved colors (please refer to the uniform chart link above).
RED, WHITE, or NAVY Jackets and Sweaters may be worn M-F
RED, WHITE, or NAVY Sweatshirts may be worn Tu-F
LPA does not allow hoodies inside the building.