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Financial Oversight & Hotline

Financial Oversight

The Governing Board oversees the financial health of Legacy Preparatory Academy. All budgets are approved by the Governing Board and published on the Utah Public Finance Website. The Audit and Finance Committee is comprised of the Board President and the Financial Coordinator.


In accordance with Utah Code Ann. Section 53G-7-309, the governing board receives a budget report each month. This budget report includes the following information: (i) the amounts of all budget appropriations, (ii) the disbursements from the appropriations as of the date of the report, and (iii) the percentage of the disbursements as of the date of the report. The current budget report is available for public review here: Monthly Budget Reports. Previous reports are available by request to [email protected], or [email protected]

Financial Auditing Hotline

Stakeholders of Legacy Preparatory Academy may report concerns of fraud, waste, abuse, or non-compliance directly to the School’s administration or board. Alternatively, stakeholders may report such concerns directly to the Utah State Board of Education through their Public Education Hotline at (801) 538-7813. Full contact information for the Public Education Hotline can be found here: Internal Audit.

For any concerns please contact the state auditor: [email protected] or call (801) 538-7813.



Snail-mail a concern to:

Utah State Board of Education

Internal Audit Department

Attention: Debbie Davis

PO Box 144200

Salt Lake City, Utah 84114-4200