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Car line Procedures

Here at Legacy Preparatory Academy we have great car line procedures for both North and South Campuses.  Below you will find information for both morning drop-off at South Campus and afternoon pick-up procedures as well as maps and videos explaining everything.  
At South Campus we are able to run a quick and efficient morning car line because of our great LPA volunteers.  The Car line SignUp Genius for the whole year is  If you have a PM Kindergarten student the SignUp for them is
To find your family car line number for South Campus: login to your Aspire account.  Once you choose a student, under their name is a tab marked 'Transportation' and click on that.  It will now show a box that says AM and have a number labeled 'Carpool' underneath it.  It does not matter if your student is an AM/PM or goes full day, your whole family will be summoned with the number in this box.  Below is a picture of where on the Aspire page you will find your carpool number.
North Campus car line procedures are available below.  For morning drop-off at please make sure that you are pulling forward and closing gaps as well as looking to make sure that students are entering the school safely.  Grades 5/6 and Junior High pick-up procedures are a little different so please make sure to watch the video to see what route to take to pick up your student.  *If you have both 5/6 and junior high students you do not need to go through both routes, please choose one route and make sure that all your students know to go there.*