Parent Student Handbook » Attendance


It is vital to our success that students attend school each day. LPA has a school-wide goal of 96% attendance. Our academic goals will be achieved only if our students attend school regularly. Attendance aids students in obtaining mastery and becoming proficient in their educational skills. Conversely, absences disrupt the learning process for the missing student, teacher and peers by unfairly impacting productive learning time. 

If a student is sick or unable to attend school, a parent or guardian should keep the student home and must call the school on the day of the absence, by the end of the school day, to report the absence. If a parent does not call, the absence will be considered unexcused.
Attendance will be kept each day at LPA on the student information system, and will be reported to the administration by each teacher. If a student in the elementary grades misses more than two hours of any school day, it may be considered an absence. If a student in the Jr. High grades misses more than 15 minutes of any class period, it may be considered an absence.
The front office will track daily attendance and will report excessive absences to the Director. Elementary teachers will take attendance at the beginning of each day. Jr. High teachers will take attendance at the beginning of each class period. At the end of each school day the office will update student attendance making necessary corrections and contact parents to report unexcused student absences. 
Parents, guardians or guardian approved adults are encouraged to schedule appointments for students outside of school hours whenever possible.