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Checking-in and Checking-out

Checking-in and Checking-out
Any student who arrives on campus after the beginning of school or who leaves school at any time after having been on campus must sign in or out at the main office or will be considered truant. 
If a student needs to leave the school during school hours the parent/guardian (or guardian approved adult) must check the student out. Parental consent in person is required to sign out early. Calling ahead to have your child ready will not be permitted. 
Students who sign out are still subject to the attendance policy for excused and unexcused absences. 
Parents/guardians are advised not to check students out of school for anything other than emergencies, as this can significantly affect a student’s academics. 
If parents are going on vacation, be sure and add the caregiver to the student’s emergency contact list so they can pick them up from the school if necessary while you are gone. You should also leave a “permission to treat” with the caregiver in case there is need for medical attention for the student and the parents are not available.