Parent Student Handbook » Excused and Unexcused Absences

Excused and Unexcused Absences

Excused and Unexcused Absences
LPA will follow the rules outlined in SB 204 as recorded below. 
S.B. 204 53A-15-1403 Parental Right to Academic Accommodations
5) Notwithstanding Chapter 11, Part 1, Compulsory Education Requirements, an LEA shall record an excused absence for a scheduled family event or a scheduled proactive visit to a health care provider if:
      (a) the parent or guardian submits a written statement at least one school day before the scheduled absence; and
      (b) the student agrees to make up course work for school days missed for the scheduled absence in accordance with LEA policy.
Parents may excuse a student’s absence due to illness by contacting the front office the morning of the absence. 
        • South Campus - 801-936-0555, [email protected]
        • North Campus - 801-294-2801, [email protected] 

Parents may also request that their student’s absence for a scheduled family event or health care visit be excused. A request must be submitted in writing to the front office one (1) school day prior.
Requests must include the following: 
        • Student’s full printed name and grade
        • Date(s) of absence requested to be excused 
        • Reason for absence (i.e.: scheduled family event or scheduled health care visit)
        • Parent’s printed name 
        • Parent’s signature 
        • Date of signature 
        • Phone number where parent can be reached regarding absence note Parents requesting school work for an extended absence must complete a Scheduled Absent Request at the front office or online at least 5 days prior to the absence for work to be collected.