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Emergency Procedures

Emergency Procedures
A preparedness response is the best method to insure that the health and safety of students are safeguarded, any disruption to the education program is minimized, and students and employees are trained to respond to emergency situations. It is the parents’ responsibility to maintain accurate emergency contacts in the school SIS system. 
To anticipate and prepare for such events, a school Emergency Preparedness and Incident Response Plan is maintained. An emergency preparedness committee will update the plan as needed. The committee will consist of appropriate school and community representatives which may include administrators, teachers, parents, community and municipal governmental officers, and fire and law enforcement personnel. Governmental agencies and bodies vested with responsibility for directing and coordinating emergency services on local and state levels may be included on the committee. 
Initial and refresher training will be provided to school staff in support of the plans and procedures. The plan will be validated by conducting exercises and drills in accordance with state yearly requirements to identify areas for additional training, revise procedures and insure continued readiness.

Evacuation routes are displayed in each class room. Incident Response Flip Charts are available in each classroom to provide immediate information and direction for all persons on the premises in case of emergency.