Parent Student Handbook » Procedure for Administration of Medication at School

Procedure for Administration of Medication at School

Procedure for Administration of Medication at School 
LPA will annually send a letter to the parent/guardian regarding medication administration in the schools. Designate staff to administer medication. Keep a record or form identifying the authorized staff by name and position in the medication administration book. Arrange annual training for designated employees. This training will include: How to properly administer medication(s). Indications for the medication(s). Dosage and time of medication(s). Adverse reactions and side effects of medication(s).
The following procedures are intended to facilitate the implementation of this policy. Prescription and/or nonprescription medication may be administered to a student only if:
  • The student's parent or legal guardian has provided a completed, current, signed and dated, "Authorization of School Personnel to Administer Medication" form providing for the administration of medication to the student during regular school hours. A current photograph of the student will also be provided and attached to the request. This request must be updated, at least, on a yearly basis, or whenever a change is made in the administration of medication.
  • The student's licensed medical provider has also provided a signed and dated "Authorization of School Personnel to Administer Medications" form describing the method, amount, and time schedule for medication administration and the side effects that may be seen in the school setting from medication.
  • The medication is delivered to the school by the student's parent/guardian, or by a responsible adult. A one week's supply or more is recommended.
  • Prescription medication is in a container that has been properly labeled by a pharmacy.
  • Nonprescription, over the counter medication, is in the original container and clearly labeled with child's name and dose, per doctor's order on the container. A one week's supply or more is recommended.
  • The medication is an oral medication, inhalant medication, eye or ear drop medication, gastrostomy, rectal, or topical medication, epinephrine auto-injector, or glucagon and Insulin. Medications requiring other routes (IV, and other injectable medications) cannot be administered by school personnel.
  • Prescription and/or nonprescription medication specified in a student's IEP or 504 accommodation plan will be administered as outlined in the accommodation plan.