Parent Student Handbook » Homework


Homework reinforces skills and concepts learned in the classroom and helps develop good study skills and habits.
Homework guidelines:
  • Homework should be assigned with coordination between teachers and with consideration for the importance of student participation in family activities and responsibilities.
  • Students should spend time each day studying and reading, whether or not homework is assigned. Students may be given homework most weekday evenings.
  • Homework assignments should not be new material for students, but should be a review, extra practice or an extension of material already taught in school.
  • Student should be able to complete their homework within a reasonable amount of time, with the exception of special projects, failing to use class time productively, and falling behind due to tardies or absences.
Parents should provide an environment in the home containing the following elements:
  • A quiet place to study and complete assignments
  • Access to necessary tools (pencils, paper, adequate lighting, resources such as reference books)
  • Freedom from distractions (TV, video and computer games, distracting music or conversations)
  • Establish a consistent routine
  • Review learning plan or daily planner nightly