Parent Student Handbook » Communication Policies; Communication Policies for Concerns; Communication with Students and Parents

Communication Policies; Communication Policies for Concerns; Communication with Students and Parents

District Communication Policies; Communication Policies for Concerns 
To promote and to model respect to our students, members of the LPA community who have a question, concern or need for information will identify the person best able to answer their question or concern and will approach that person in a positive manner. If a member of the community does not know who the best person is to answer their question or concern, they should ask a member of the administrative staff, beginning with one of the school secretaries. Addressing concerns on social media should be avoided to maintain a positive and respectful atmosphere. 
If a parent has a question related to instruction or that relates to the classroom in any way, the classroom teacher should be the first person to whom the parent would go for information and/or resolution. If the parent does not feel their concern has been resolved by the teacher, they should ask the teacher for a meeting with 1) the Assistant Director of Academics, if the concern is academically related, or 2) the Campus Director, if the concern is not academically related, or 3) another appropriate Administrator. If the parent desires, they may speak with the administrative assistant to make an appointment with the Assistant Director of Academics or Campus Director. When setting a meeting directly with the assistant, parents should have already tried to address the issue with the teacher and should feel comfortable asking the teacher for an administrative conference. If the parent feels the teacher and Director have not sufficiently resolved their concern, they may bring their concern to the Executive Director. If the parent still feels their concern has not been addressed they may then take the concern to the Governing Board. All requests or concerns to the Governing Board must be done in writing or email format.
To maintain LPA’s positive communication model, anonymous written communication (outside of the annual school survey) will be discarded.

Communication with Students

Communication with students by all adults in our community shall be undertaken with our school mission in mind:
  • To honor each child as an individual
  • To provide a nurturing learning environment that is safe physically and emotionally.
  • Staff will use positive and encouraging communication at all times, even when corrections are necessary.
  • Positive communication will be taught in a concrete manner to students.
  • Staff members will watch for opportunities to notice and acknowledge effort in a positive manner.
  • If a group of students are involved in a negative situation, staff members may separate the students and counsel with them individually.
  • Communication with students will reinforce LPA’s culture of inclusiveness, kindness and teamwork.
  • Communication with students will characterize our belief in the value of each individual student to our school community
Communication with Parents
LPA utilizes outside vendors, such as OneCall, to communicate information through email or text messages. Emergency situations will be communicated to parents through the OneCall service. All pertinent school information may be found on the school website, 
LPA has a Student Information System which can be accessed from LPA’s website. Parents and students are encouraged to check the online grading system to see the status of assignments, grades and attendance and to communicate with teachers at any time during the school year. Login instructions can be found on the LPA website.
Periodic newsletters from the school will be distributed to LPA families via email. The newsletter will contain notification of important dates and events, as well as pertinent school news and information. 
Parent Surveys, each year two parent surveys will be distributed to each LPA family. Families will have the opportunity to express their level of satisfaction with all aspects of LPA’s program. 
The school's website is another valuable resource of information for parents.