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Academic Communication

Academic Communication
Report cards will be available for view by the week following the end of each quarter.
Testing will be used to ensure that student progress is accurately measured through standardized achievement tests. LPA recognizes its responsibility to implement standardized testing procedures in accordance with state and federal laws. Information from such student standardized testing may be used by LPA as an additional tool to plan, measure and evaluate the effectiveness of the school’s educational program
By May the academic calendar will be published to the parents via the school newsletter and the LPA website. The academic calendar will loosely follow the Davis School District traditional year calendar as outlined by the LPA charter, and will provide for a minimum of 180 instructional days as per state law.
Parent-teacher conferences will be held two to three times each year. Parents are encouraged to attend conferences to review student performance and if necessary set academic goals. Parent/Teacher conferences are listed in the school calendar. Additional conferences may be scheduled at any time parents or teachers feel it would be beneficial.
Teachers will regularly communicate class news and upcoming curriculum through learning plans, newsletters or website updates.