Parent Student Handbook » Locker Agreement Junior High

Locker Agreement Junior High

Jr High Grade Locker Agreement

Locker Guidelines:

Any student requesting a locker is REQUIRED to have a locker partner.

A student may request a locker partner or the administration will assign a partner to you.

Lockers are owned and issued by LPA. Students have no rights or expectation of privacy insofar as a right or expectation of privacy pertains to the school. The U.S Supreme Court has determined that lockers are the property of the school. Authorized school authorities have the right to search any locker at any time without the student present and with or without student permission.

Valuable items (money, electronic devices, jewelry etc.) should not be kept in lockers. We suggest valuables should be kept with you or left at home. School administration, faculty or staff, are not responsible for any items lost from lockers.
Lockers are to be maintained in a neat and clean fashion both inside and out.
No labels or stickers are allowed in or on the locker at any time.
The following are also not allowed in lockers: objects or pictures depicting alcohol or tobacco substances or pornographic literature.
Unnecessary damage, vandalism, kicking of lockers, etc. as well as writing on lockers is prohibited. This will be considered damage and the student will be required to pay for the damage.
Students should keep their combinations confidential at all times.
Administrators reserve the right to reassign students to another locker as the need arises.
Students may not reassign lockers amongst themselves
Students may request reassignment of lockers for a $5.00 fee, this may only occur once in a school year
A student may lose the right to use a school locker if any of the above rules are violated.