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Legacy Preparatory Academy

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What Students and Parents Say

"The class size is so much smaller (and guaranteed) than surrounding schools." Parent
It's like a private school, but free." Former LPA Student
You learn on your level, not your grade." 9th Grader
"The teachers care. Even the office workers." Student Transfer from a Local School
"I'm taking AP classes and felt very prepared for high school." Former Student
"LPA recognizes there is a higher purpose to learning." Parent
"Kids are considerably more safe at LPA." Parent
"Having a teacher and a para instructor in every classroom (k-6) was instrumental in my student's success." Parent
"High school is so much easier than LPA." Former Student
"Miss Jules and Fred Lee."  Everyone (Drama and Dance Teachers)
"I appreciate the civility of the students my children associate with." Parent
"What does LPA mean?"  1st Grader
"Everyone is very nice. I've never been bullied here." Transfer from Another School
"I like how clean it is." 5th Grader
"A lot less cliques." Transfer from Another School
"I love...a lot of things!" 9th Grader
"I like LPA because sometimes we get extra recess." 2nd Grader
"It's great that there are different levels of electives." Student
"Teacher stay after to help students." 9th Grader
We would love to show you the students, teachers, and facilities at either the south campus (grades k-4) or the north campus (grades 5-9)!
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