Henry C. and Mrs. Kate Jackson Gets The Shout-Out of the Week!

Shout Out Pictures

From 7th grader Samantha M. to Mrs. Jackson:

I would like to nominate Mrs. Jackson for being a fantastic teacher because she is so patient and kind to her classes. She takes the time to go over and help her students understand the material she is teaching. She truly puts time and effort into helping us flourish and grow.

From 2nd grader Jimmy T. to 2nd grader Henry C.:

Henry is my favorite friend. He is so nice, plays with me all of the time, and makes me laugh. Thanks for being such a good friend, Henry!

From an anonymous 7th grader to Mrs. Jackson:

My favorite teacher is Mrs. Jackson because her classroom provides a safe environment and she is caring and respectful of other students. She is sympathetic and shows compassion. She always looks for the positive in everything.
Thank you for being the amazing humans you both are, Henry and Mrs. Jackson!
We are SO lucky you are part of our LPA community.