Legacy Preparatory Academy Home

LPA is a free K-9 public charter school located in Woods Cross, Utah.
At Legacy Prep, we employ a classical approach to education to lay the groundwork for strong learning, reading, science, and math foundations. But what distinguishes us from others is our emphasis on the fine arts. Because of the fine arts, our students are better able to think independently, creatively, and differently, making them better suited to fill leadership roles in the future.

Our Mission

Legacy Preparatory Academy will cultivate intellectual and moral virtue according to the classically based pillars of truth, goodness, and beauty.
Learning the past. Creating the future.
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The Culture of our Community

I am a Classical Student
I am Curious to Learn
I pursue Intellectual and Moral Virtue
I am a citizen of my Community
I Build the Foundation for an Abundant Life by Lifting Others
I am Governed by Nobility
I act with Honor and Integrity
I am an individual with Great Fortitude
I am Resilient and Courageous
I am Temperate
I exhibit Discipline and Self-Control
I am developing Practical Wisdom
I make Good Judgements
I am Selfless in my Fight for Justice
I demand Equity and promote Civility
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Executive Directors Message

Welcome to Legacy Preparatory Academy! We are so pleased to welcome you to our school. 
We have excellent academic programs and extracurricular opportunities to ensure that all students may make the most of their time and explore a broad variety of interests. Our goal is for students to be better prepared for their academic future and to become leaders in their communities.
In recent years, we have made several improvements to our physical site in an effort to unite our K-9 community. Our new website, combined with our parent app, provides our community with the information our families need to be active participants in their student's education.
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