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Uniforms and Dress Code

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Legacy Preparatory Academy’s uniform policy and guidelines. Uniforms help to create a safe learning environment by helping school officials recognize intruders while eliminating the wearing of gang-related or other disruptive clothing. In correlation, Legacy Prep’s Uniform Policy was created with the goal to improve the classroom environment by:

  • Helping students concentrate on their schoolwork.
  • Setting a tone for serious study.
  • Removing distractions created by socioeconomic differences and modern fashion.
  • Instilling discipline and self-respect.


Uniforms also build citizenship and a sense of community in our children by:

  • Building self-esteem, self-respect, and school spirit among students.
  • Creating the distinction of being part of a group.
  • Maintaining a healthy and positive school image in the community.
  • Sustaining a clean and neat appearance.
  • Providing a visible symbol of commitment to school improvement and reform.


Students must present a clean, modest, and neat appearance at all times.  All clothing must be appropriately sized and worn correctly.  Uniform bottoms must be worn at the waist, shirts must be buttoned, shoes must be tied or fastened, clothing must be worn right-side-out, etc.  Clothing shall not be excessively worn or have multiple holes.


The appropriate colors for LPA uniforms are the Legacy plaid, red, navy, light blue, and white (referenced below). Colors are defined in the uniform chart, which can be found on the LPA website. Colors do not include variations. For instance, red does not include burgundy; navy does not include royal blue; light blue does not include periwinkle or turquoise, and white does not include off-white or cream. Please note that Legacy Plaid is called by different names with different companies. The pictures of the Legacy Plaid at different companies will vary. To ensure purchasing the correct plaid, please follow the identification information provided below:

  • French Toast: Green Plaid 
  • Dennis Uniform: Belair Plaid
  • Hall Closet: #55
  • Landsend.com: Hunter/Classic Navy Plaid

While it is not required to purchase uniforms from a specific company, French Toast Uniforms, has met with school administration and listed approved Legacy Preparatory Academy uniform colors. Other stores that sell school uniforms include: 


Old Navy



Children's Place (for smaller teens and tweens)



Full-dress uniforms will be worn on Mondays and other occasions as communicated by the school. Shirts on dress days should be button-down, short or long-sleeved, in solid school-approved color, and have a collar with no logos, patches, lettering, or stripes of any kind. No polo shirts are allowed on dress days. Other than plain white undershirts worn under uniform shirts, underclothing should not be visible. Students in the fourth through ninth grades are required to wear shirts tucked in. Belts, if worn, must be in belt loops.


Casual dress uniforms will be worn on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  Students may also wear a navy, red, or school-approved sweatshirt (no hoodies) as part of the casual dress uniform, and a school-approved polo shirt must be visible. Shirts on casual dress days may be short or long-sleeved polos in one of the school-approved colors.


Shoes for students should be closed-toed.  Heels or soles may not be higher than 2 inches. Solid socks or opaque tights of approved colors must always be worn.  Socks for students should coordinate with the uniform and must be visible. 


School shirts and sweatshirts, if available, may be worn as a casual dress items on Wednesdays. Navy or red school sweatshirts or sweaters/vests may be worn in class for additional warmth. School spirit wear is sold annually in the Fall.


Students may wear jewelry or hair accessories that are not a distraction.  Sunglasses should not be worn inside the school building.


Hair must be kept neat and clean, have a combed appearance, and be appropriate for school.  Hair coloring must be of natural color. Irregular coloring of hair or outlandish hairstyles are inappropriate.  



Any makeup worn should be appropriate for school and not a distraction.  


No hats of any kind, including baseball caps, may be worn inside the school building.  Head coverings of a religious nature are permitted.


Outerwear that is worn for warmth to and from school and at outside recess is not considered a uniform item. Unless it is a Legacy-approved sweatshirt or sweater, it must be removed during school hours.


Periodically, Legacy Prep will hold a “uniform swap”. This is a great way to shop for "gently used" school uniforms. Please feel free to supply your child with one full outfit per dress day and casual day, if we have your children's sizes in stock. 


Each morning teachers will greet their students and scan for dress code. Teachers will acknowledge students who are in the dress code and write up students who are not. On the third and fourth offenses, students are sent to the office to meet with the building Principal and call home. The administration is committed to a consistent school-wide response.


If you have additional questions regarding LPA’s uniform policy please refer to the uniform chart attached or speak to the building Principal.