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Mark Abercrombie Legacy Preparatory Academy Junior High Math TeacherMr. Abercrombie is the Head of the Science Department and teaches 7-8 grade Science at the Junior High. He also runs our 5-9 grade after-school chess club. He has worked at Legacy Prep since 2015. Disneyland is his favorite place to travel. Although there are many places he would love to travel to, he believes what makes a good vacation is the people you travel with, not the sites you see. Memories are made with people, not so much by the locations you visit. Henry Weinhart's vanilla cream soda is his favorite drink, however, water is a close second. Red Lobster and Mo Bettah Steaks are his favorite restaurants.
shalon Brierley
Ms. Brierley is the Director of Special Education at the school. She has also worked as a teacher and instructor here at Legacy Prep. She started working at Legacy Prep in 2012. Her favorite way to vacation is camping, traveling anywhere that is wooded and isolated allowing relaxation and away from everyday life. At some point in her life, she desires to ride a gondola in Venice. Peach Fresca is her favorite beverage. Her favorite restaurants are The Mandarin and Tucanos.
Brandie Evans Legacy Preparatory AcademyMs. Evans is the Co-Executive, Director of Operations. Ms. Evans served as our Governing Board President for several years prior to starting her Executive position at the school in 2021. Her favorite place to vacation is Hawaii for its peacefulness and serenity. She would love to take her children to Europe when they are older. Dr. Pepper is her favorite beverage, and Chinese food or Sushi is her favorite cuisine. 
Jessica Jacobs legacy preparatory academy Ms. Jacobs teaches 5th grade and is our 5-9 grade cross country coach, and our 6-9 grade assistant basketball coach. She started in 2010 as a substitute teacher and has worked as a full-time teacher since 2012. Big Sir California is her very favorite place to travel to, she considers it MAGICAL, however, she would love to travel to Scotland sometime. Jessica Jacobs Legacy Preparatory Academy
Heather McLean, Legacy Preparatory Academy Junior High Math TeacherHeather McLean is the Head of the Math Department, teaches Math at the Junior High school, and is the Elementary Math coach. She has worked at Legacy Prep since 2014. Italy is her favorite place she has traveled to, she also loved exploring the Oregon coast with her family. Ms. Mclean teaches a Highland Dance class every week and has enjoyed competing over the years. She also loves to travel and would like to explore everywhere in the world! Dr. Pepper is her favorite drink and Italian food is her favorite cuisine. 
Heather McLean dance picture, math teacher legacy preparatory academy
Karla Mortensen 1st grade teacher  Legacy Preparatory AcademyMs. Mortensen is a 1st grade teacher at Legacy Preparatory. She started at Legacy Prep in 2012. Bryce Canyon is her favorite place to travel to, its beauty is unlike no other. Hawaii would be where she would like to travel to at some point in her life. Lemonade is her favorite beverage. Thai or sushi is her favorite cuisine. China Platter, Fuji Sushi, Fat Fish, Texas Roadhouse, and Costa Vida are her favorite restaurants.
karla mortensen
Jules Reaveley Legacy Preparatory Academy Director of Communications, Marketing, and DevelopmentMs. Reaveley has worked in the administration as the Director of Communications, Marketing, and Development since 2020. Prior to this position, she was the head of the Fine Arts Department, and taught, theater, musical theater, and music. She started her LPA career as a volunteer on the first day the school opened in 2004. Her favorite place to travel to is the Western Caribbean, Snorkeling, Mayan ruins, four-wheeling, all of the excursions, and about 100 other reasons are why she loves the Caribbean. Her favorite drinks are water and Diet Dr. Pepper with nugget ice. Her favorite restaurants are The Five Alls, Ti Amo, Red Lobster, Kneaders, cafe Rio, Bombay House, Fuji Sushi, and the Taste of India.
April Young Legacy Preparatory Academy 5th grade teacherMs. Young teaches 5th grade and is our 6-9 grade volleyball coach. She started at Legacy Prep in 2016. Visiting Cancun with her family at an all-inclusive resort was the best vacation she has ever been on because she was with her family and the food was delicious. It was also incredible to explore Cancun to see in person what she teaches her 5th graders in the Early Civilization unit. At some point in her life, she would like to travel to France. Diet Dr. Pepper is her favorite beverage. Chick-Fila and Oliva Garden are her best-loved restaurants, mmmmm those breadsticks! She loves to read, in fact, she reads between 60-75 books every year, she enjoys playing softball and is an endurance bike rider having competed in several 200-mile bike races.
April Young 5th grade teacher legacy preparatory academy