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Special Education Policies

Legacy Preparatory Academy is committed to empowering students with disabilities to learn and achieve at their highest capabilities in the least restrictive environment. LPA has budgeted for a certified special education teacher responsible for:
  • Training teachers to identify and refer students
  • Providing assessments
  • Writing and managing IEPs in coordination with parents, teachers, and other
    service providers as needed by the child
  • Advising regular education teachers on how to adapt lesson plans and help all students be
    successful in the least restrictive environment possible.


Additionally, LPA will seek required services (e.g. Speech, Occupational Therapy) through job sharing and other contractual arrangements. LPA will provide all services required by a student’s IEP.

Legacy Preparatory Academy will comply with all federal special education laws as referenced in IDEA 97 and will follow all state requirements as found in the USOE Special Education Rules, The Golden Rules.

Legacy Preparatory Academy, in providing for the education of students with disabilities enrolled in its school, has policies, procedures, and programs that are in effect and consistent with the Utah State Board of Education Special Education Rules (USBE SER) as described in this Policies and Procedures Manual.

On June 1, 2024, Legacy Preparatory Academy will destroy special education records of students born prior to June 1999. Former special education students who are 25 years old may request their records from the school; otherwise, the records will be destroyed.