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Legacy Preparatory Academy is a tuition FREE, public charter school located in Woods Cross Utah serving Kindergarten thru 9th grade.

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We are located on one campus which houses two buildings.

The elementary serves students in grades K-6

The junior high serves students in grades 7-9




Legacy Preparatory Academy will cultivate intellectual and moral virtue according to the classically based pillars of truth, goodness, and beauty.



Learning the past, creating the future.

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Legacy Preparatory Academy builds the foundation of knowledge and critical thinking skills necessary for children to become independent learners for life.

We do this in several ways:

  • Provide a classically-based curriculum that is thorough and challenging
  • Integrate fine arts to enhance learning
  • Teach the value of public virtue to promote respect
  • Engage parents as real partners to share in enriching student education
  • Honor each child as an individual and foster their innate curiosity and desire to learn



The Legacy Paideia

pai·deia; pīˈdāə/; noun: paideia

  1. (in ancient Greece) education or upbringing.
  2. the culture of a society.

Stock photo our beginningsOUR BEGINNING

In the Fall of 2004, a group of moms gathered together and formed Legacy Preparatory Academy. Flyers were posted all over South Davis County advertising interest in our new charter school. The original founders chose Classical Education, with a Fine Arts emphasis, as our school’s vision.


It was these ideas that spurred our new group on for many weeks, months, and long nights.  We researched, debated, and wrote our ideas into the school’s charter. Once it was passed by the State School Board, it was then ready for implementation.  

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After many weeks of public information recruitment meetings, we cobbled together a group of 50 parents ready to trust the plan and make it happen. After thousands of volunteer hours, personal funds expended, numerous rocky bumps, and many witnessed miracles, our dream became a reality. 


We had the greatest group of volunteers who literally gave everything in order to provide an education for their children and thousands of other kids in the community. We had the most amazing teachers and staff who also gave their all to make order out of chaos. Legacy Preparatory Academy was truly a labor of love for every person involved.  


Maren Hilbig, Founder Legacy Preparatory Academy