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Legacy Preparatory Academy

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Update on Covid-19

Hello parents,

Thank you for helping again with the short survey sent last week regarding ‘proposed schedule preferences for the fall’, (results are attached). 

As the situation with COVID-19 develops, we are receiving more information from the State and health officials.  We continue to refine Legacy’s plan for the fall.  This much we know.  The final plan will: 

  • mitigate risks to children, families, and teachers generally, 
  • provide the most “normal” school experience that science and prudence allow,
  • accommodate and support the unique needs of specific students and teachers, 
  • will include 100% distance learning options, (to sign up for our distance learning option, please contact for the south campus and for the north campus), 
  • and will take into account whatever Davis School District does, (though we can’t guarantee it will be identical).   

This is a complicated process! 

I’d like to share with you a very rough and incomplete working draft of our planning framework, (attached). I’m taking this risk for two reasons. First, engaging Legacy parents meaningfully in their children’s education is part of Legacy’s DNA and distinguishes us from other schools. Second, even though this draft is incomplete, has gaps and imperfections, I trust parents will be reassured that the process we are following is thorough, deliberate, and methodical. 

I repeat – this is a very rough and incomplete working draft – it will change 

…which brings me to my next point. 

Last week, the Utah State Board of Education adopted a timeline for establishing minimum requirements” for K12 public schools to operate under the conditions of COVID-19, (attached). 


This is important. It means that the State will be issuing “requirementsfor schools to follow rather than mere “guidelines.” Up until now, the State placed the burden of deciding which measures to take upon the local school teachers and administrators who are not epidemiologists. In about 10-days from now, we will know what these “minimum requirements” will be. The State has retained the Levitt Group to provide us with training on how to implement these requirements within a school setting. We will then adjust these requirements to Legacy’s unique circumstances, and modify and refine our working draft. Shortly thereafter, we will finalize our plans and share them with you. Between the first week of July and mid-August, we will continue to prepare ourselves while we track the course of the pandemic in order to resume instruction in a way that is appropriate to the situation at that time.  

We will keep in touch with you over the coming weeks as things unfold. 


Nyman Brooks

Executive Director