Meet Our new 6-9 Theatre Teacher

Meet Mrs. Carly Hughes, Legacy Prep's new 6-9 grade theater teacher.

Note from Mrs. Hughes: I am so excited to hold auditions for our 21/22 Advanced Musical Theater (AMT) and Intermediate Musical Theater (IMT) classes! I would love to encourage everyone in all grades to audition on June 21, June 29 and/or July 8 so we can start getting to know each other! Don’t be nervous, I want you to succeed and have fun! 

Below you will find two links. Both are required for your audition (even if you are sending a video audition). Please read the information thoroughly. There is a lot of information for both actor and parents on those links. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out! to me. I am very excited to get to know each student and their families.

AMT will be performing MOANA, junior!

This is a full-year class and is geared toward our freshmen (9th graders), however, there will be tons of 8th graders and possibly 7th graders invited to this class. This is an "AUDITION ONLY CLASS". 


AMT will have two performances of Moana, Jr.
Plan on Tech and Performances taking place between:
January 31-February 19, 2022  (exact dates TBD)



The Musical Review will be their second performance in the spring
Plan on Tech and Performances taking place between:
April 11-17, 2022 (exact dates TBD)

We will be accepting up to 35 students in AMT, however, if you do not make it into the advanced musical theater class, you will automatically be added to the Indermediate Musical Theater class (second semester). IMT is equally as awesome and fun!

IMT will be performing MATILDA, junior!

This is a 1/2-year class. Don't worry if you aren't placed in AMT! IMT is AWESOME!  "ANYONE" can take IMT, the entire junior high school can sign up for this class, however, "first priority" for this class will be given to AMT auditioners.

The first semester you will take DRAMA 1, this is the mandatory pre-req for IMT or Drama 2, which is in the second semester. 


Plan on Tech and Performances taking place between:
May 2-May 20, 2022 (exact dates TBD)


Can the year just start already!!!!????!!!

Mrs. Hughes 

Please fill out both links below, they are mandatory for your audition.

CLICK HERE to sign up for Auditions for the class (June 21, June 29 and/or July 8)

CLICK HERE to fill out the form for your audition.