CLUBS 5th - 9th Grade after school CLUBS

See the clubs below to see which grades are allowed to attend specific after-school clubs. 
Club name Days/times Location Advisor(s) Ages/grades
Harry Potter Club Mon/Tues 3-4pm bld. 1 room 408 Ms. Thompson All
Crochet Club Thurs 3-4pm bld. 1 room 402 Ms. Forbes 5-9th grade
D&D club Fri 3-4 pm bld. 2 room 214 Ms. Stewart 5-9th grade
Legacy Leaders Tues 3-4 pm bld. 2 room 211 Ms. Casper 4-9th grade
Celtic Band Mon 3-4 pm bld. 2 room 103 Mr. Fallis 4-9th grade
Chess Mon 3-4 pm bld 2 room 210 Mr. Abercrombie 5-9th grade
GSA Mon. 3-3:45 pm bld 2 room 203 Mr. Jensen, Ms. Kate, Mr. Hauber 7-9th grade
Coding Club Tues / Thur 3:00-4:30 bld 2 room 106 Jason Myrup 6-9th grade
Rubik's Cube Club Friday 3:00-3:30 pm bld.1 room 407 Ms. Young 5-9th grade
rubiks cube club


This club meets on Fridays from 3:00 pm-4:00 pm on Fridays.
Ms. Stewart's room (Building 1, Room 213)
coding flyer

Chess Club Flyer

crochet club