School Safety Week | Reunification

ReunificationWe will not be conducting an evacuation drill this year, we are including information for you to review so you are familiar with our evacuation process in case of an emergency. Please carefully read the section regarding STUDENT/PARENT REUNIFICATION.  This is a process we have used in the past and follows the national standard of parental reunification. We want our community to understand what will happen during a true emergency.  Most importantly, we want you to understand that your child’s safety is our number one priority.  We truly appreciate your support, patience, and understanding as we work together to continually improve this process. 

Once you arrive at the school, this process will take time, so please plan accordingly.  Remember to be patient and understanding. 

The school will send a notification notifying parents/guardians of the evacuation. 

Important Items to Note:

  • You must have your identification with you.
  • Anyone picking up a student must be listed as an emergency contact – even if they are the normal carpool pick-up. Please keep contacts updated in Aspire. 
  • Daycare buses will not operate during evacuations so please plan on picking up your children.


Circumstances may occur at the school that requires parents to pick up their students in a formalized, controlled release.  This process is called a Reunification and may be necessary due to weather, a power outage, hazmat, or if a crisis occurs at the school.  The Standard Reunification Method is a protocol that makes this process more predictable and less chaotic for all involved. Because a reunification is not a typical end-of-school day event, a reunification may occur at a different location than the school a student attends.  If this location is at another school, then those students may be subject to a controlled release as well.



Parents may be notified in a number of ways.  The school may use its school-wide email system, text message system, social media, or calling trees.  In some cases, students may be asked to send a text message to their parents.  A reunification text message from a student may look something like this: “The school has closed, please pick me up at 3:25 at the main entrance.  Bring your ID.”



If a parent or guardian is notified that reunification is needed, there are some expectations that parents or guardians should be aware of.  First, bring identification.  That will streamline things during reunification.  Second, be patient.  Reunification is a process that protects both the safety of the student and provides for an accountable change of custody from the school to a recognized custodial parent or guardian.



When a parent can’t immediately go to the reunification site, students will only be released to individuals previously identified as a student’s emergency contact.  Otherwise, the school will hold students until parents can pick up their students.



For students, the school asks that students be orderly and quiet while waiting.  Students may be asked to text a message to their parents or guardians. Keeping cellular network usage at a minimum may be important during reunification.



For parents, there are a couple of steps.  If a parent is driving to the school, greater awareness of traffic and emergency vehicles is advised.  Parents should park where indicated and not abandon vehicles.  Parents are asked to go to the Reunification “Request Gate” area and form lines as directed by the staff and signs.  While in line, parents are asked to fill out the top section of the Student Release/Runner Form.  This is how the school will verify you are authorized to pick up the requested students.  This form will be completed during the reunification process and when your student is brought to you at the Release Gate the staff member will again verify your identification and have you sign the Student Release/Runner Form confirming you have picked up your student.

In the case of multiple students being reunified, a separate line for each student needs to be completed.



During check-in, identification and custody rights are confirmed.  The Student Release/Runner form is then given to a staff member to complete as they collect the student from the Holding Area and bring them to you at the Release Gate. From the “Request Gate” area parents are directed to the “Release Gate” area to wait. Parents should be aware that in some cases, they may be invited into the building for further information.



In some cases, parents may be advised that a law enforcement investigation is underway and may be advised that interviews are necessary.  In extreme cases, parents may be pulled aside for emergency or medical information.