Dress Down Expectations

Dress Down

At the end of each term, Legacy Prep celebrates student achievement with a Dress Down Day. Students are expected to follow the expectations listed below. Students who do not comply with the expectations listed below will be asked to call home for replacement clothing.  The school’s uniform policy will be in place for students who choose to not dress down.


Dress Down Expectations: 


No clothing with drug, alcohol, gang references, or skulls  

No pajamas

No slippers  



LPA Modesty rules apply at all times.  

Clothing must fit appropriately, nothing overly tight or baggy.  

Clothing must be clean and in good repair (holes in jeans must follow hemline guidelines).  

Shorts, skorts, and skirts must follow hemline guidelines  

Shirts must cover shoulders and midriffs (undershirts must be worn under low-cut tops).  



Nothing offensive or inappropriate to the LPA Code of Conduct.  

Nothing associated with or specifically promoting alignment with a political, social, or politicized agenda 

No hats.  



Students understand the expectations of Dress Down Day and will call home if their attire does not meet these expectations.