LPA Spirit Week | March 25-29

Get ready for an exciting week ahead, Lions! It’s time for our annual School Spirit Week, starting Monday, March 25th. Show your school pride and participate in each day’s theme!

Students are encouraged to dress up and celebrate the spirit of Legacy with a variety of fun and exciting themes. Students may wear jeans each day, as long as it fits within the theme. The school’s uniform policy will be in place for students who choose to participate in Spirit Week.

MONDAY | College and Career Day

Practical Wisdom: I am developing practical wisdom, I make good judgments about where I want to go to college, or what I want to do when I grow up.

Dress in collegiate attire, or dress as you would in your future career.


TUESDAY | Grade Color War

Citizen of my community: I am a citizen of my community, I build the foundation for an abundant life by lifting others.

Each grade is assigned a color. Let’s see which grade has the most people in their assigned color. 

Kinder- Yellow

1st- Pink

2nd- Green

3rd- Purple

4th- Red

5th- Orange

6th- Black

7th- Blue

8th-  White

9th- Gray


WEDNESDAY | Inspirational person

Selfless in my fight for justice: I am selfless in my fight for justice, I demand equity and promote civility like the heroes I look up to that inspire me.

Dress like someone who inspires you - a Disney character, literary figure, famous person, band/artist, personal hero, etc.


THURSDAY | Decades Day (Throwback Thursday)

Curious to learn: I am a classical student, I am curious to learn about those who came before me.

Dress like a person from history/ a former decade (pre-2000s)


Fortitude: I am an individual with great fortitude, I am resilient and courageous (like our teachers and students.)

Students dress like teachers, teachers dress like students.