Plan Summary

  • Students will attend school in person, five days per week. Classroom teachers will provide in-person learning and will no longer support both in-person and exclusively remote students.
  • We intend to return with no test-to-play protocols, and masks are highly recommended for all students and unvaccinated staff, but not required.
  • Potential changes in our school schedules shown here seek to provide ample time for student learning, as well as create time for teacher collaboration and personal preparation. While the Utah State Board of Education has relaxed the requirement of the 990 total hours of instruction, the expectation of 180 total school days remains. 
  • No students with a temperature of 100 degrees or higher should attend school.  It is imperative for the health and safety of all students and staff that students remain home on days they have a fever or any symptoms of illness.

Plan Goal

Improve student learning and well-being through high-quality classroom instruction, assessment, and interventions.
To accomplish this goal, the 21/22  Return To Learn Plan seeks to create:
  • Time for teacher teams to effectively support student learning
  • Support for social and emotional well-being
  • Routines and stability for students, families, and teachers in support of student learning. We anticipate that extracurricular activities in junior high will resume without test-to-play requirements.
  • Classroom teachers will provide 5 days of in-person learning (and will no longer support both in-person and exclusively remote students). 
  • Safe learning environments. We intend to return with no masks.
For our entire RETURN TO LEARN 21/22 school plan, please click HERE.