The Community Center at Liberty Elementary serves primarily refugee families.

Let's show our Lion Pride by helping these families with meals over Fall Break, and beyond.


The following are suggested grade-level assignments, however, we welcome any donation with our sincerest gratitude. 


Kindergarten, First, and Fourth grade:

Canned tuna.


Second and Fifth grade:

2-pound bags of brown or white rice.


Third and Sixth grade:

2-pound bags of red or black beans.


Please have your student(s) bring their donations to their classrooms by October 8.


By lifting and helping others, I learn how to serve others.

By lifting others, I learn to build the foundation for having an abundant life. 

By lifting others, the community I live in becomes a better place.

By lifting others I am an example to everyone around me, which creates positivity everywhere I go.


Thank you for helping us strive to live what our Legacy Paideia teaches.

I am a citizen of my Community.

I will Build the Foundation for an Abundant Life by Lifting Others.