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Volunteer Ideas

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Volunteer Your Time and Make a Difference


  • Monday Munchies: This is a favorite way to get volunteer hours (Whether you love baking, or purchasing items, our staff appreciates these more than you will ever know. Every Monday they have slots to bring either a healthy or a sweet treat. You can count the $$ you spend (1 hour/$10) and the time you spend preparing driving to pick things up, or preparing the items at home. This is an excellent way to volunteer for the school, and thank the teachers for their hard work!
  • Cash for trash: There is a box at both campuses where people leave their Coke reward tops and empty ink cartridges. You can pick those up and enter them to get hours.
  • Substitute Teacher: The school is always looking for parents to volunteer as substitute teachers. Not only do you get paid for the hours you work, but you may also count these hours towards volunteering. If you have younger children, you can also count the hours that someone babysits for you while you substitute at the school.
  • Donate supplies: The teachers are always needing supplies like sanitizer, Clorox wipes, kleenexes, etc. I know that if you asked your elementary teacher, or any of the junior high teachers, they would be more than happy to tell you what they need! Every $10 you spend is equal to one hour of volunteer time.
  • SPTC Lunches (Student/Parent Teacher Conference): Twice per year we provide lunches for the teachers during student/parent teacher conferences. It typically is for three days, so there are plenty of items to donate. You can make or purchase one or more of the food items, or volunteer to provide the plates, plasticware, or napkins. You may even volunteer to set up or clean up the teacher's lounge on one of the three days.
  • In-class volunteers: Your elementary homeroom teachers will let you know when they will have need for parents in or out of the classroom (there are many culminating activities, or events happening throughout the school year), however, you may also volunteer to provide the materials for one of these activities or events.
  • Babysit: If you watch another LPA parent's younger children so that they can volunteer, your babysitting hours count toward volunteering. You can also count these hours if you have a grandparent or neighbor babysit for you. It's so hard to volunteer when you have little ones, so this way you get double the hours when you help out!
  • Carline:
  • Bulletin Boards: At the elementary school, teachers may ask parents to decorate the bulletin board outside their classroom each month. There are also bulletin boards at each campus near the foyers.
  • Teacher appreciation: Teacher appreciation week happens at the end of the school year. There are SO many ways to volunteer during this week and it couldn't be for a better cause! We love our teachers!!
  • Giving Tree: Every December, our school hosts our annual "Virtual Giving Tree" where people may donate gift cards for families in need in our community. There is a signup genius created to sign up to bring in a gift card (found on our Sign-Up Genius page), or you can donate money through the school's donation link, please make sure you write "Giving Tree Donation" so our business office can distribute the funds correctly.
  • Field day: We're hoping to make this work this year, but this also needs a lot of volunteers to make it happen. You can provide items for the activity, volunteer to help run the activities, etc. Our 5 & 6 graders go to the Rec Center, parents are needed to help provide and hand out treat bags, etc.
  • School Musicals and Concerts: As a fine arts school, there are SO MANY events to volunteer your hours! Parents of the students are asked to help, however, our entire parent community is invited to jump in and help as well. Stage decorations, ushers, program designs, poster designs, etc.
  • At-Home Projects: Ask your K-9 teacher what projects they need help with, regarding items that can be done at home (cutting things out, putting packets together, etc.)
  • Builders Board - we are always looking for more parents to join the Builder’s Board. We are similar to a PTA board and help plan and run the activities for the school.
  • School Community Council - You may run for a position on the SCC. They are two-year terms and are staggered so that new people are able to join each year. They help make decisions for the school as a whole.
  • Classroom Manager - Every year each K-6 class needs a classroom manager to help solicit volunteers and plan activities for the class. The classroom manager helps make life easier for the teacher. If you are interested, contact? and what email?
  • Uniform swaps - LPA holds uniform swaps throughout the year. Our parents are key figures in helping sort, and run this much-needed event for parents and students.
  • Fall Festival - So many ways to volunteer! You can provide the prizes for the classrooms, volunteer to run the activity in each classroom, provide items for the silent auction or the bake sale, volunteer to run the bake sale, etc. This is our HUGE community event. It takes MANY volunteers to pull it off successfully.
  • Art Extravaganza - Hang pictures, bake sale, volunteer the night of - SO many volunteers and hours needed for this.
  • Book Fair - You may volunteer to run one of the book fairs. They usually happen twice per year. ·
  • Books and Breakfast - We need volunteers to pick up and hand out donuts to the parents and students
  • Veterans Day - Cookies with a hero/Doughnuts with a hero - we provide treats for veterans and their families, so people can provide food items as well as volunteer to serve. Should you wish to contribute to purchasing doughnuts, cookies, napkins, plates, and water bottles, you can always donate through our schools donation link.
  • Pizza Friday - The elementary school serves pizza twice per month, and the junior high serves pizza every Friday. Volunteers are also needed to pass out pizza, set out cards, set up and take down tables, and/or donate plates and napkins for pizza Fridays.
  • STEM night - We ask parents who are involved in STEM careers to come and do presentations for the students
  • Books Come Alive- We have each classroom assigned a different book. Parents dress up as a character from that book and provide an activity. 
  • Back to School Night - We need volunteers to help at the Builders table, setting up different areas for vendors (uniform companies, the library), etc.
  • Summer Reading Reward - We need parent volunteers to help with the activity and provide supplies.
  • 5/6 grade after-school movies - Parents provide treats/snacks and can also volunteer to chaperone.
  • Jr High Stomps - Parents decorate, and chaperone.
  • Field trips - Each elementary grade takes at least one field trip each year. Pparent volunteers are needed for each class field trip.
  • CK Art - Parent volunteers are needed each week to help with the CK Art lessons in class.
  • Dibbles helper - When the teacher does the Dibbles testing, a parent is needed to help the Instructor with the class.
  • Donor’s Choice - Teachers will make a list of items needed for the classroom and parents can volunteer to crowdsource and find funding for the items.
  • Friendship Week - Parent volunteers will help plan activities and events for the week 


There are also special projects that can come up and the school will ask for volunteers: painting carpool numbers, landscaping, IT projects, building projects, etc.

LPA wants to know how you are volunteering for the school.  Are you baking treats for Monday Munchies?  Are you volunteering with Junior Achievement in classes?  Are you helping out with teams or extracurriculars?  Make sure that you record your hours to let the school know where your time and efforts are going!